Seattle Emergency Veterinary Hospital

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11033 1st Avenue South, Seattle WA 98168
Doctor on premises 24 hours
Since 1950
Your pet is a living, loving member of your family. You look forward to receiving its affection when you get home from work or while you relax on the weekends. To enjoy your pet's company for years, make its health a priority. Choose South Seattle Veterinary Hospital as your pet's primary healthcare facility.
Visit a 24-Hour Vet in Seattle
Your household pet can receive any essential medical treatment at our well-equipped clinic. We offer numerous routine services, such as:
  • Basic checkups
  • Dental examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Microchip ID placement
  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Anti-pest prescriptions
Our veterinarians also believe in giving our patients access to healthcare day and night, weekday and weekend. When every second count, bring your pet to an emergency vet in Seattle. Our pet hospital always has a veterinarian on the premises to handle emergency cases. We'll diagnose your pet with X-ray machines, EKGs, ultrasounds and other advanced tools.
Trust Our Friendly Veterinarians
South Seattle Veterinary Hospital has five experienced veterinarians on staff. They are familiar with illnesses and injuries that occur in household pets, and they'll help you understand your pet's treatment options. Our pet doctors also believe in making medical care affordable. First-time patients receive a free examination, and we have online coupons that reduce the cost of common services.
Keep Your Pet Healthy
Whether your pet needs essential vaccinations or emergency pet surgery, the staff at South Seattle Veterinary Hospital will serve your pet with gentle hands. Call 206-242-8338 to make an appointment or to ask any questions you have about our pet hospital.
You're also welcome to walk-in for same-day service—our doors are always open.
When an emergency occurs, you need emergency care no matter what time of day or night – or what day it is!
Get the pet healthcare you need in spite of your hectic schedule. We at South Seattle Veterinary Hospital always welcome walk-ins!
We provide free initial consultations, letting you know all the treatment plans and options available to keep your pet well.
Free Exam for first time patients!
Accident and illness know nothing of order. They come at any time. Whenever your furry, four-footed family member needs medical care, make South Seattle Veterinary Hospital your other family doctor. We offer comprehensive healthcare for your cat or dog, including dentistry, lab tests, EKGs, soft tissue surgery, and spaying and neutering AND we offer it 24/7. Your pet helps keep you healthy and happy, return the favor by using South Seattle Veterinary Hospital as your primary care physician for your pet’s healthcare.